∴ Jøeke ∴ (joeke) wrote in lekker_bammetje,
∴ Jøeke ∴

here's my new banner for lekker_bammetje
a little bit much information on a small thingy,
but it doesnt matter (:
maybe lekker_bammetje will rise again better than ever.. who knows.
uhuh lets just hope it

im gonna make a bammetje now, im starving.

there's the little fella.

and here's my bammetje:

detail #1

detail #2

Oh i love my webcam. :p

its white bread with peanutbutter and chocolate flakes,
and finished with the stuff thats thrown around at the 5th of december by a guy named Sint Nicolaas and his helpers "de Zwarte Pieten".
its called "pepernoten"
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