Maartje (x_promiseme) wrote in lekker_bammetje,

Name: Tamara :]
Age: Sweet sixteen.
Favorite bammetje(s): Bammetje with chocolate. :9
Bammetje you hate: Simple bammetje with cheese?

Don't ask me why I was acting like that, I just had to. ;p

So, I saw a bammetje Joeke made. Looked nice, so I made it too. But then with black olives too.
First I roastered (?) a sandwich. I putted mayo on it, then cheese, then mayo, then sundryed tomatoes & olives.

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Yeah! Very nice.

Bammetje appearance: 7
Bammetje tasty potential: 7 (That's a little too much mayo for me, personally.)
hehehehehe a roastered bammetje, you are an enrichment of the english round here, lekker fucking bammetje aye. butnot very original.. really dont look very tasteful
bamm taste:7. i dunno...i'd replace the mayo with pesto or sumthinsumthin..

welcome ^^

Looks: 2 -_- -so sorry, i doesn't look very tempting to me to be honest...-
Tastiness: 5. Meh. Keep the multiple layers of mayo, and more olives!